Manufacturing Sustainability Benchmarks


Manufacturing sustainability benchmarks from MPI’s Manufacturing Study include a rating of the importance of sustainability to plant success, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, use of various recycling and reuse programs, energy management programs, renewable energies, formal green corporate programs, green products, and measures for green components and materials.

These manufacturing sustainability benchmarks will give you a performance advantage by helping you design and implement waste- and energy-reduction strategies that the earth, your customers, and your investors value.

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Manufacturing Sustainability Benchmarks
  • Importance of green/sustainability to a plant’s success over the next five years
  • Green programs and/or practices occurring at a plant, including energy management, recycling/reuse programs, use of renewable energies, formal green corporate programs, and carbon footprinting
  • Estimate of green/sustainability measures for green products, carbon footprints, and green components and materials
  • Percentage of energy reduction per unit of product output in the past year
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Why benchmark?

To know where to focus improvement efforts.
To know how to measure world-class success.
To maintain positive growth and ensure stability.