Manufacturing Supply-Chain Benchmarks


Manufacturing supply-chain benchmarks from MPI’s Manufacturing Study include data for the nature of supplier and customer relationships, outsourcing, customer reject rates, customer retention rates, overseas sales, imported material, and programs and practices in place.

These supply-chain benchmarks will give you a performance advantage by giving you the data you need to build a supply-chain that provides flexibility, superior response time, and delivery performance that exceeds the competition.

Download a complete list of benchmarks available in the Manufacturers Benchmarking Toolkit.


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Manufacturing Supply-Chain Benchmarks
  • Importance of supply-chain management to plant success
  • Per-unit changes for price of products, component/material, employee wages, employee benefits, logistics/transport costs, and utilities/fuel
  • Supplier and customer relationship descriptions (by/sell, partnership, and cooperative)
  • Outsourcing activity, including fabrication, assembly, electrical, design and R&D, maintenance, IT, purchasing, transportation, customer service, HR management, and sales and marketing
  • Customer and supplier measures for reject rates, retention rates, overseas sales, and imported material/components
  • Supply-chain programs and/or practices in place (certfication, satisfaction surveys, sharing forecasts, collaborative design, supplier management, and kitting/assembly)
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Why benchmark?

To know where to focus improvement efforts.
To know how to measure world-class success.
To maintain positive growth and ensure stability.