Manufacturing Human-Resources Benchmarks

Manufacturing human-resources benchmarks include number of employees (all staff), union representation, labor turnover rate, participation in work teams, wages, formal training hours, HR programs in use, and job-related injuries and associated missed worked days.

These human-resources benchmarks will help you secure a competitive advantage by giving you insights into which programs you need to implement to recruit, hire, develop, and retain talent.

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Manufacturing Human-Resources Benchmarks
  • Importance of human-resource management to plant success
  • Percentage of plant production workers represented by a union
  • Plant’s annual labor turnover rate
  • Percentage of production employees participating in empowered or self-directed work teams
  • Average annual hours of formal training received by plant employees
  • Positions with documented skill standards supported by training aligned standards
  • Approximate wages for production employees
  • Job-related injuries and illnesses
  • Job-related injuries and illnesses resulting in lost work days
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Why benchmark?

To know where to focus improvement efforts.
To know how to measure world-class success.
To maintain positive growth and ensure stability.